I Just Want To Say….

Today was truly spectacular for me. First thing in the morning I took one of my cats out for a walk. She loves exploring the yard. 🙂

After that, I got to spend time with my Mom and sister antiquing around my hometown. That in and of itself was great, but there was something extra that happened that just put me in a fantastic mood.

At a shop about 1/4 mile from my apartment, I spotted this desk:

It’s a roll top desk. I have wanted a roll top desk ever since I was a little kid and saw my Dad working at his. I love everything about this desk, from the wood colour to the drawer pulls to the compartments. And it was a steal at only $50. So I paid for it and left it there to pick up in a few hours.

When we came back with my Mom’s van, my sister and I found that it was extraordinarily heavy. We were struggling just to get it out of the store when an older gentleman offered to help us. Once we got it outside and to my Mom’s van, we realized that it was just too big to fit inside.

There was another gentleman in a pick-up truck parked behind my Mom, and he offered to take it in his truck and drive it to my house. It was the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for me. Once we got it to my house and Dave helped to unload it, this man refused to take any money I offered him and just drove away.

Thanks to the help of strangers I now have the desk of my dreams sitting in my living room. All of this made me so happy, I can’t even explain it. Generally I tend to be a rather cynical person who doesn’t like or trust people, but instances like this really pick me up. I love my town. 🙂

And my cats have already had a lot of fun exploring the new piece of furniture. 🙂

Sometimes life is just good. 🙂


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